We are delighted that you have purchased a new product from our Company and we hope you enjoy using it. The warranty is limited to the first purchaser only and if you sell your 8TEV product it cannot be transferred to the next purchaser. If you need to claim under the warranty the purchaser is required to present the purchase invoice.

The warranty provided is for a time period of 18 months, beginning from the date that appears on the purchase invoice, and it is designated solely for the person whose name appears on the certificate, provided that he/she has registered his/her details on the Company’s website up to a week from the date of purchase.

The warranty includes manufacturing faults detected upon the product’s receipt by the customer. The warranty includes faults encountered in the electric power system, inclusive of the engine, battery and controller. The warranty includes manufacturing defects in the diverse product parts which were revealed during the first week of product use.

The warranty is conditional upon the presentation of the Company’s purchase invoice and the certificate of warranty that matches the chassis number. The warranty is conditional upon the customer’s signature, the date, the customer’s name and his/her attestation with regard to reading the use instructions, understanding their significance and receiving an accurate explanation regarding the device’s operation.

The warranty will not apply to any of the following cases:

1. the purchaser agrees and is aware that the device must be repaired solely at the Scootin LTD/8TEV LTD lab and any repair0 that will be carried out in another lab will cancel the warranty.
2. the warranty does not include fractures/raptures or loss of plastic parts inclusive of the choke, charging port, handlebar switches and plastic flaps
3. the warranty does not cover any utilization intended for commercial needs, rental, competitions and freights towing
4. the warranty does not cover the utilization of components that were not supplied by the manufacturer (non-genuine parts)
5. the warranty does not include bending of the aluminum parts, inclusive of the fork and the folding mechanism due to unreasonable use (power exertion on the handlebars and bumping into barriers/obstacles including walls or sidewalks, intentional or unintentional damage and punctured tires or inner tubes)
6. rupturing of the folding mechanism which occurred due to an unopened latch.

Misuse of the 8TEV can cancel the warranty.

If the product has been repaired or replaced by the Company, the repaired or replaced product will be covered by this letter of warranty for the remainder of the warranty period or as long as a limited additional warranty period has been provided. The customer agrees and is aware that there will be no refund or return of the 8TEV following the purchase.

Service and maintenance will be provided solely in the Company’s lab, as quickly as possible and every effort will be made to ensure service is completed within a time period of up to 72 work hours from the date of delivery to the service lab.

It is agreed that the Company’s warranty and liability is limited in any case to repairing and/or replacing the device in accordance with the guidelines detailed in this letter of warranty. Under no circumstances will the Company be obliged to provide compensation for bodily injuries, property damages, losses, hindrance of profits, prevention of use or any other damage that will be caused directly or indirectly as a result of usage of the device.

The service team of 8TEV is available at your disposal regarding any question or clarification required and we will be happy to assist you.

Battery Warranty Highlights

The battery warranty is provided for the warranty period specified in the certificate of warranty, according to an expected annual deterioration rate of 25%. In case of a substantial deviation from this deterioration rate over time, the 8T Network will repair or replace the battery’s core, provided that the battery was used according to all the terms and conditions specified in the warranty and certifying that the battery was not exposed to a non-genuine controller.

No warranty is provided for damages caused to the battery by external shorts, inclusive of the charging system. No warranty is provided for corrosion damages as a result of contact with water/humidity conditions.

When depositing a battery for examination: the handling time is 2 to 5 business days – no alternative battery is provided while the battery is deposited, even within the warranty period.

Please note the additional factors accelerating the battery’s deterioration rate:

1. overloading, inclusive of an additional adult riding the scooter
2. faulty scooter maintenance, and in particular, air pressure, wheel alignment and balancing as well as the brake system
3. moisture or humidity conditions, including staying in close proximity to the sea over time
4. high temperature conditions, including locking the battery in a car under excessive temperature conditions
5. storing the battery without charging/discharging for a time period exceeding 30 days – it is highly recommended to charge the battery at the end of every significant use period, there is no point in discharging a battery before charging it – it is recommended to wait for 30 minutes from the termination of use until the commencement of charging.

Instructions of battery use and charging safety:

⦁ It is recommended to connect the charger to the electrical grid through an electric current stabilizer or a “lightning protection device”. In the absence of such a system, it is recommended to disconnect the charger from the wall socket after every use. Damage inflicted to the charger consequent upon current fluctuations in the electrical grid, is not covered within the framework of the warranty.
⦁ The charger must be placed on non-flammable surfaces and at a safe distance from flammable materials such as a mattress, a rug, curtains etc.
⦁ The charging process must be carried out under supervision in a ventilated location, such as a terrace. It is forbidden to charge the battery in bedrooms.
⦁ It is forbidden to store batteries under high temperature conditions, and it is prohibited to leave a battery within a parking car in the sun.

Regarding chargers – in the event of strange smells and odours, unusual noises, shorts, flickering of the indicator light or in case of sabotage or exposure to moisture – it is forbidden to use the charger yet mandatory to arrive immediately to one of the Network’s branches in order to examine and/or replace the battery.
There is no point in discharging the battery before charging it.
In cases of lack of battery use – it is strictly mandatory to charge/discharge the battery at least once a month. A battery that does not undergo a charge/discharge process, deteriorates rapidly and is destroyed within several months.
It is forbidden to use a non-genuine charger, which has not undergone an approval process in one of the Network’s branches.
The utilization of a charger that does not suit the battery may result in conflagration and disaster. In the event of a burning battery, the fire must be subdued using sand, it is forbidden to extinguish a burning battery with water.
No warranty is provided for damage inflicted on the charger.

In the event of damage inflicted during the warranty period, a deductible will be applied:

⦁ A 48v charger can be purchase at a price of £60.


⦁ I hereby agree to use the device in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
⦁ I am aware that the use of this device requires the utilization of protective accessories, inclusive of a helmet, knee protectors, elbow protectors, riding gloves and suitable garments.
⦁ I hereby undertake to indemnify the manufacturer and every distributor on his behalf for any expense, liability, finance charge or loss incurred due to complaints, demands or claims that will be filed against them by a third party owing to any damage or injury that will be caused as a result of using the 8T in a manner which exceeds the speed limit.
⦁ The device’s speed and travel range are affected by the rider’s weight, the wind, wheel air pressure and the device’s battery charge status. These can vary due to each of the aforementioned factors and therefore affect the final travel range,
⦁ I hereby pledge to use this 8T with the utmost caution and in accordance with the law.
⦁ I have read and understood the terms and conditions of the warranty as well as the manufacturer’s instructions attached, and in this regard, I acknowledge and agree as follows.